Game Ancestry

Here is a graph I made to illustrate video game ancestry:


The connection between games represents one’s influence on the other one. Note that, although many of the connections between various video games represented in this graph are indisputable facts, a good number of claims made are based on conjecture.

To determine such claims, I generally study the elements or mechanics of a game and try to establish which games preceded others. When one game precedes the other by a couple years or when authors or companies were involved with both games, correlations are reinforced. In some instances, I pay attention to common spheres of origin–be it collegiate, arcade, home, etc. More solid claims come from cited and non cited claims in Wikipedia articles; as well as from interviews with and speeches by original authors.

I would like to fit in a mechanism in the graph that depicts which connections are more certain than others, complete with citation. For the time being, it’s best to acknowledge a good deal of work and thought has gone into this graph and recognize it as my interpretation of video gaming history. I have had this project brewing for a couple years and the tree has grown and has been picked and pruned and rearranged over time.

There are game genres or types which are likely not represented enough or accurately, such as sports, MMORPG, adventure. I encourage anyone with a good understanding of video games to contact me and contribute their knowledge with additional information or criticism.

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